6 Feb

Having breastfed two children I thought I knew all there was to know about the subject. How wrong I was! This book covers everything from how our breasts make milk through to weaning baby. There are also chapters on stress and depression, sex and breastfeeding, and feeding whilst out and about with your baby. All great information for a new mum and I haven’t really seen these covered in any great depth in other breastfeeding books.

The benefits of breastfeeding are talked about in great detail, which is something I was really pleased about. It also offers advice on what you can do if you can’t breastfeed, ie. If you baby is poorly

'Not just a book about Breastfeeding'

or if you are unable to get baby to latch on correctly. This chapter would be particularly helpful for anyone who is struggling and thinking of changing to formula. Just a few tips from someone who has been there can be incredibly encouraging.

It is written in a very easy to read manner, you kind of feel like you’re reading something written by a good friend!

It’s funny, knowledgeable and comes in a very easy to read format with some rather amusing drawings!

I would recommend this book to anyone thinking about breastfeeding or to anyone who has an interest in the subject. If you are expecting a baby this is one book definitely worth investing in.


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