Save £200 by using washable wet wipes

7 Apr

If you’re already using washable  nappies then you’ll know that you are saving money.  Using washable wipes are a fantastic idea and can save you an extra £200 per child!   They are perfect for using on your baby’s skin as they contain only natural ingredients.  You can make up your own lovely recipe and keep a stock of them by your changing table and in your changing bag.

Washable wipes

If you are attempting to be environmentally friendly then washable wipes is definitely a good way to go. Even if you choose to buy wipes that contain no suspicious ingredients, you still have to dispose of that wipe. By using washables you simply pop them into your nappy bucket with your nappies.

If you are using flushable liners you can then do a complete nappy change without having to even touch a nappy sack!  To make washable wipes, a good material is flannelette, the type of material that cot sheets are usually made of.   I tend to pick up old ones from charity shops and cut these into small wipe size pieces.

I recently picked up this recipe for washable wipes from a lovely lady at the Cornwall Real Nappy Project.  I have tested it out and it is really lovely.

Make one mug of camomile tea. (I use the bags which are camomile, honey and vanilla)
Allow this to brew for 5 minutes.
Add one drop of lavender oil and a teasppon of olive oil.
Remove the tea bag. Add your washable wipes and let them soak up the liquid.
Transfer to your usual container for storing. Ensure it has an airtight lid so that they do not dry out.
You can make this mixture up whenever you are running short of wipes.  I usually keep a small bottle of water beside my wipes so if they do start to dry out you can re-moisten them with this

If  you don’t have the time to source and make your own wipes you can purchase a Cheeky Wipes kit here.  This kit contains all your wipes, containers to keep them in, 2 wet wipe bags to use when you are out and about and two lovely essential oil solutions to add to your water – one for dirty wipes and one for clean ones.  We love this kit and wouldn’t be without it!

The Cheeky Wipes kit


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