Make some money whilst recycling your old mobile!

14 Apr

Image: Michal Marcol /

I don’t know about you but I’ve dropped many an old mobile phone into the recycling box at my local supermarket.

Until I discovered Recycle Mobile Phones, I just didn’t realise that these handsets were worth any money.  This website is great, you just type in the make and model of your old handset and they tell you which company will give you the most money for your handset.  They even provide a link to their website where you can request a prepaid envelope to send it off to them.  I had a couple of phones in my drawer so have just made a tidy £50!  Some handsets can be worth as much as £200!

Of course, by doing this you are not just earning a bit of extra money – you are helping to reduce waste at the same time.

A recent study has revealed that the UK might be sitting on 1.7 billion GBP’s worth of  old mobile phones!

Before recycling any of your old handsets, don’t forget to wipe any data from the memory including pictures, telephone numbers etc.


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