Don’t ruin our childhoods!

16 Apr

What idiot at Primark thought it was a good idea to sell a padded bikini for 7 year olds?  Thank goodness someone finally saw sense and they have now decided to remove this item from their shelves.  Primark talk about having all the latest trends for the younger lady but, let’s remember 7 year old girls are GIRLS not ladies!

Unfortunately though, Primark are not the only store to sell clothing which prematurely sexualises children.  Asda sells black sequined micro shorts for four year olds and Next sell strappy sandals with high heels for three years olds!  I think David Cameron has the right idea by threatening to pass laws outlawing ‘premature sexualisation’ and ‘excessive commercialisation’ of youngsters.

I’m glad Primark did at least realise their mistake and rectify it, lets just hope they learn from their mistakes and that other companies will think more carefully about their choices for children’s clothing.

Of course the media don’t help the issue, how often do they feature glamorous celebrity children dressed in clothing that we would probably not find age appropriate for our own children.  There is so much pressure on children these days to have the latest trends and fashions and to ‘look good’ from a young age.  What’s wrong with young children running around in a good old pair of dungarees?

A 2008 study by Girlguiding UK and the Mental Health Foundation found that premature sexualisation and pressure to grow up too quickly are two “key influences” in the anxiety felt by girls.  The report identified that looks and fame are extremely important to younger girls – but decline in importance once they get to sixteen.  An unbelievable 48 percent of five to seven year olds said that being pretty was their most important aspiration.  That makes me feel very sad.  Maybe I’m over-reacting, what do you think?


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