Say hello to the gorgeous new Easyfit from Tots Bots!

23 May
Flower Power Easyfit

Flower Power

The new Easyfit V2 from Tots Bots is destined to be a best selling nappy this year. With a gorgeous range of prints

including Cherrylicious, Flower Power, Cosmic, Starburst and Mushroom Magic – these nappies are simply irresisitible.  If you’re not feeling very adventurous they are also available in white!

The Easyfit is a birth to potty nappy with a waterproof PUL wrap built in.  It has only one layer to put on and it closes with velcro so it is very simple to use.  It has a bamboo core for added absorption (Bamboo is 60% more absorbent than cotton) and for a silky soft feel next to your baby’s bottom.  For more information visit our new Easyfit page.

Mushroom Magic

Mushroom Magic Easyfit


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