Fun with clean mud!

7 Jul

Lily has always been a fan of making mud pies so when a friend told me about making ‘clean mud’ you can imagine I was pretty pleased!  Basically you just need one roll of toilet paper, a cup of soap flakes (or a bar of cheap soap that has been grated).  Rip up the toilet paper into big ish chunks – your little one will probably enjoy doing this.  Throw in the soap flakes or grated soap then take some hot water and mix it all together.  What you are looking for is a fluffy, mushy texture.

You can give it to your child to mix once the water has cooled as they will be certain to put their hands in it straight away.  Give them some pots, a whisk, measuring spoons, wooden spoons, teaspoons – basically anything you can lay your hands on in the kitchen.  This will keep them amused for ages! The more they play with it the fluffier it gets and the good thing is you can re-use it.  Put it in a tub for a few days then when you add more water it will return to it’s nice fluffy consistency.

Be aware though that although this is called ‘clean mud’ it will still make a mess, albeit a clean mess!  Probably best to still put them in an apron and do the activity outside.

Let me know how you get on – we did it yesterday so I’ll stick a picture on here soon.


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