Pre loved cloth nappies – grab a bargain here!

8 Aug

A lot of people already know that using cloth nappies can save you around £500 per child but have you thought about using second hand nappies?  You’d be amazed how sought after these can be and some second hand nappies will sell for 60 – 70% of the original price when new!  Obviously this depends on the condition of the nappies and the current demand for them but it is a quickly growing market.

At Green Mums we have an area of our website where you can advertise your second hand nappies for free.  Please feel free to use this section of our site as it all helps to spread the word about how fab cloth nappies really are!

We currently have quite a few ads for used nappies so feel free to check out this page and see if you can grab yourself a bargain.  If we don’t have what you are looking for it may be worth contacting us as we often hear about nappies that are for sale without actually having them on our site.


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