No need to delay after miscarriage

11 Aug

Aberdeen University have just released a paper which concludes that women do not need to wait to conceive after having a miscarriage.   NHS advice seems to differ depending on which doctor you ask but this news does contradict that of the World Health Organisation who currently recommend mothers wait six months before trying to conceive following a miscarriage.

Postponing pregnancy is problematic as women under 35 are known to experience more problems conceiving and older women do have increased chances of miscarriage.

This study shows that women who conceived within six months were 44% less likely to have another miscarriage than those who fell pregnant six to 12 months after a miscarriage.

They were also 52% less likely to have an ectopic pregnancy or to have a termination.

Furthermore, women who conceived within six months were 10% less likely to need a Caesarean or to have a premature baby – and 16% less likely to have a low birthweight baby.

You can read the research paper in the British Medical Journal – hopefully it will be good news for those women who feel they do not want to wait to try again.


One Response to “No need to delay after miscarriage”

  1. ebabeelikes August 13, 2010 at 1:37 pm #

    All this advice keeps changing, it’s so confusing! It’s not only on htis topic but on so much about pregnancy and child birth.

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