Maternitree Campaign

1 Sep

When my children were born we were bombarded with gifts from friends and family.   I could not believe how generous everyone was, we received everything from new baby vests and babygrows to gorgeous nursery furniture.  All this is lovely but how long do we actually keep some of these gifts for?  Babygrows especially are worn for such a short amount of time before they no longer fit.

Today I came across Maternitree.  This is a campaign to try and persuade people to give a tree instead of the traditional new baby gift.  Over 700,000 babies are born in England and Wales every year.  If a tree was planted for every one of those births it would be the equivilent of 1,000 hectares of forest every year.  After 10 years the scheme could remove 7 million tonnes of carbon from the atmosphere!

Maternitree make the process really simple from you.  You can select the size of your garden and you are given a choice of trees that would be suitable for that area.  Your tree comes with full instructions, rabbit barrier and tree tie and costs only £9.99 including postage.  I thought that was pretty good but an added bonus is that 50p of each sale goes to the Woodland Trust.

So if you really don’t need any more babygrows or baby rattles – why not suggest Maternitree to your family and friends?  It would be amazing to see the tree grow alongside your child and you’d be helping the environment too!


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