Half term fun for little ones

12 Oct


Teddy bears picnic

Image by Rose Robinson via Flickr


I spotted lots of fun ideas for half term over on Twitter today.  I thought I would share some of these with you.

For rainy days – grab your wellies and waterproofs, get out into the park and find some muddy puddles to splash about in.  They may get messy but they will LOVE IT!  While you’re there find some leaves (shouldn’t be too difficult right now!) to bring home and do leaf rubbing, or use them to decorate a piece of artwork.  If it really is too bad to go outside make yourself a den, grab a torch and play at ‘camping in the forest’.  Make a little picnic to take on your adventure and invite some teddy bears to join you.  If you run out of provisions, empty your kitchen cupboards and use those tins and packets to play shops – it’s much more fun with the real stuff.

If the sun does decide to make an appearance, make sure you make the most of it.  How about a treasure hunt or an obstacle course in the garden.  Get out those washable paints and some big sheets of paper and let them go mad.  Take off shoes and socks to makes some footprints, cut them out and make a trail.   Follow the trail to find the grufflalo or go on a bear hunt.

Visit a farm and pick yourself a pumpkin.  Take it home to make some yummy Sweet Pumpkin Pie and don’t forget to use the shell to make your scary Halloween lantern.  If you’re still looking for ideas to keep the little ones busy – dig out the contents of your recycling bin, give them some glue and let their imaginations run wild.


2 Responses to “Half term fun for little ones”

  1. sophielovestea February 17, 2011 at 4:46 pm #

    Can’t wait for summer to come along. I’m planning many a teddy bear’s picnic! Thanks for this lovely post.

    I’ve included this in a best of the web post for Ready for Ten on outdoor play ideas and experiences – hope you don’t mind!

    link to the post: http://www.readyforten.com/users/RFTSophie/posts/20825-best-of-the-web-outdoor-play-ideas-and-experiences

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