Recycled finger puppet theatre

2 Nov

Lily's finger puppet theatre

One rainy afternoon at the end of half term we decided to make a finger puppet theatre.  I’m hoping that Santa will bring us some new finger puppets at Christmas but if not we can always make our own.

We used an old cereal box – a pretty big one, then covered it in paper.  We cut a hole in the front to make the stage and then covered the inside of the box with black crepe paper and sequins to make a sparkly backdrop.  We cut some curtains out of some old bits of craft paper and stuck them onto the front.  I thought this would be easier than trying to attach some kind of string and material that would probably just fall off after its first use anyway.

Lily loved making this and has had lots of fun using it with her finger puppets and wooden dolls. I do need to make some legs for it though so that it will stand up on its own and you can use both hands for the puppets.

Has anyone made their own finger puppets?  If so what materials did you use?


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