Top 5 Christmas gifts for babies

29 Nov

The birth of a baby is usually followed by a mountain of new baby gifts!  We could not believe how many presents our daughter was given when she was born.  Of course the amount of gifts does tend to lessen the more children you have.  I remember friends of ours saying that their third child got one packet of baby vests and that was it.. bless him!

Of course it’s easy to spend money on new babies, they are so adorable and smell so lovely how can you resist.  It’s also easy to spend money on things that aren’t really needed though.  New babies can only play with one little toy at a time so they don’t need a huge amount – in fact they are usually just as happy playing with a little treasure basket filled with everyday household items.

So what do you get for a baby’s first Christmas?  What do they really need?  As a parent of two I would always recommend checking with mum or dad to see if there is anything that the baby is short of.  It may be that they have enough clothes to last them for the next 12 months but what they really need is a nice warm blanket  or a nice book.  If you are stuck for inspiration, check out these ideas for ethical baby gifts.

Baby Care Gift Pack

A lovely gift for a new baby. This pack contains all a baby will need to protect them from dry, irritated skin. Contains Baby Salve, Baby Lotion and 2 x Baby Wash





Organic Ladybird Sleeping Bag

Made from 100% organic cotton and lined with lamby fleece, this sleeping bag is perfect for those chilly winter nights.

Size:  0 – 6 months









Organic Animal Print Nightgown

Made from Organic Cotton, this nightgown has popper openings at the feet for easy night-time changing.

Organic cotton will stay softer than normal cotton and has not been treated with any chemicals.

Available in pink butterfly, taupe dogs, or ladybird design






Natural Lambskin Fleece

For use at home, out in the pram or in the car. This fleece is so versatile and any new baby will love the comfortable snuggly feel! Keeps baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Machine washable with lambskin shampoo.





Bum Genius Complete Nappy Kit

For the ultimate baby gift, why not give a complete real nappy kit!  The Bum Genius kit contains everything a baby needs to see them through till potty training.  Not just a gift for baby but for parents too – Mums and Dads will save around £500  if they don’t have to buy disposable nappies.




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