Baba and Boo nappy review

24 Feb

The lovely Eve at Baba and Boo recently sent us a gorgeous cow print, one size nappy to try.  This is a pocket nappy which comes complete with 2 microfibre inserts.  It has a gorgeously soft, suede fabric outer, with built in waterproof layer that is sooooo soft! Our little tester loved this nappy and as soon as I take it out of our nappy stash he starts making cow noises!

Baba and Boo pocket nappy

I was initially sceptical about the performance of this nappy because of it’s price.  It comes in at £7.50 which is the cheapest pocket nappy I’ve tested before.   Purchasing them in packs works out even cheaper and they are available in so many lovely designs that it would be very difficult to just choose one!

Despite the low price of these nappies, they performed really well on our 2 year old.  And I mean REALLY well!  He’s a pretty heavy wetter at the moment and I have to change him quite frequently but I can honestly say that I have left this nappy on for hours and it has not leaked once.

I was really impressed with the performance and durability of this nappy and would definitley recommend it if you are looking for an economical, birth to potty pocket nappy. Head on over to to have a look!

Overall rating:  9/10.


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