Review of Real Easy Nappies

24 Feb

Real Easy nappies are a sized, all in one nappy which are available with a built-in PUL outer or Minky outer.  We have a couple of these nappies in our stash and have always been impressed with their performance.  They are made by Hip Hip Baby who also make the award-winning Wonderoo.

Real Easy nappy with Minky outer

They are available in various sizes so you can ensure that your baby has a ‘slim fitting’ or ‘thirsty’ nappy, depending on your baby’s age and weight.  I have found the sizes to be quite generous and I think the medium will easily see my 2 year old through to potty training.

The internal booster ‘flaps’ out of the pocket whilst staying attached to the nappy.  This helps to speed up the drying time resulting in a fairly quick drying nappy.  Extra boosters can be added to the nappy if need be.  The nappies are lined with fleece which will help to keep your baby’s skin nice and dry.  For ease of use we recommend using flushable liners to collect and dispose of any solids easily.

Available with popper fastenings that are durable and easy to use this is a good nappy choice if your baby is going to be cared for at nursery or another childcare provider.

For more information visit our Real Easy order page

Price:  From £11.99

Green Mums rating:  8/10

Overall results of our tests:  A great sized nappy, generous weight range (most likely you will only need to purchase small and medium-sized nappies). We love the Minky fabrics! A reliable nappy that can be easily boosted for night-time and heavy wetters.  Fairly quick drying – will easily dry in a morning on the line.


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