Ban the gadgets this weekend!

10 Mar
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Okay here’s an idea this weekend. Why not leave the PSP, the Nintendo DS and your iPad and iPhone and all your other gadgets at home and take the kids out and discover the spring?

Young children don’t need all those gadgets, not at that age. They will be exposed to those things for the rest of their lives so let’s give them a break for their younger years, let’s show them the world, show them the possibilities of everything else there is to see.

You know your kids, but the thing is your kids know you too. The first thing they learn is to emotionally blackmail you; how to get from you what they want and in their eyes playing on gadgets and games is far more fun than going outside and enjoying and discovering the world around them. So it’s our job to convince them otherwise!

So here’s some ideas for what to do this weekend.

Make up a treasure hunt with clues written in simple English for younger children to follow and read. That way they practice their reading and end up with some treasure in the end. You could do this in your back garden, in the local park or woods.

Why not go for a walk in the woods or try frog spawn or toad spawn spotting?

Why not go bird watching? Join your RSPB local group and see what they have to offer. A family membership where we live is £4 per year!

And when you go out, why not go there on the bus or on your bike? We highly recommend the Weeride front-facing bikeseat as your little one can take in the whole journey without their view being blocked by the person riding the bike.

The National trust are a good source of activities for families with children of all ages. They have regular programs of things to do which kids enjoy. We’ve had a family membership with them since we first had the children and we go to their properties at least a couple of times a month. They really cater for children and often have hands on things for them to do.

What about a trip to the seaside if you live near the coast? Who cares if it’s a bit cold? Wrap the kids up warm, they still love it whatever the weather!

Perhaps go to a museum or join a sports club. Why not take your kids out with some paper and paints and sit down as a family and paint the same thing. I know a family who do this every month and compare the results. They all love it and mum and dad learn too.

Do you have any tips for sharing quality family time together?


4 Responses to “Ban the gadgets this weekend!”

  1. Mariah McMillian March 22, 2011 at 3:53 am #

    I am probably the biggest fan of getting kids to use their imaginations. Kids can have bigger and better adventures if they would just let go of their beloved toys and electronics for a few minutes. My 3 boys had a pirate adventure today in their room. Their bunkbed was the pirate ship. They used their blankets to make a sail and empty paper towel rolls for telescopes. They didnt fight not one time. I even joined them for a few minutes myself. Had a blast!

    • greenmumsblog March 22, 2011 at 12:07 pm #

      Hi Mariah
      I totally agree! My two always get on best when they are able to act out an adventure. Pirates and mermaids are a big hit in our house too.

  2. Jacqueline April 27, 2011 at 9:27 am #

    How uncanny, I was just about to make a note on the National Trust. We are fortunate enough to be living in an area which is swarming with NT places and this weekend we’ve been to three places. We’ve even managed to avoid doing the “egg hunt” three times, how good is that!

    And as for Playstation, DS etc… I could not possibly agree more. With two boys aged 4 and 6, we are starting to get the peer pressure. One friend who got a DS for XMas told our oldest, who got a wooden marble set, that “DS are cool, marble set are not”… Though when we see them painting and inventing stories rather than buried in front of a screen, we know full well what is “cool” :)!


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