Pond dipping

13 Jul

Look Mummy, Tadpoles!

We have a fantastic pond in our garden.  We’ve never had to do anything with it, it just seems to look after itself.  We started off without 6 fish and now have over 80!  This year we have been lucky enough to gain loads of toad spawn.  Apparently toads lay spawn in straight lines, rather than frog spawn which is just a big clump.

Lily and Thomas have been monitoring the spawn over the past few months.  Every few days we go and check that it is still there! You can imagine the excitement when we started seeing lots of tadpoles swimming around and now we have some that have grown legs.

This week we had a lovely time catching the tadpoles and seeing how many had grown legs.  Thomas was so proud everytime he caught one and loved watching them swim off again when we released them back into the water.  For a two year old it’s also a great learning experience.  It’s good counting practice, you can also talk about what colours you see, what the tadpoles are eating and what else you can see in the pond.

When we came in we spent some time drawing what we had seen in the pond and looking at pictures of pond life in our wildlife book.  A lovely couple of hours well spent, and it didn’t cost a penny!


One Response to “Pond dipping”

  1. Laura Frederic August 1, 2011 at 10:06 am #

    So cute story. It seems that Thomas has enjoyed a lot with these Tadpoles!

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