Organic Monkey product review

10 Sep

A while ago we were sent some products by Organic Monkey and were asked to give them a thorough testing.  Organic Monkey are a fairly new company and they manufacture their Organic and Fairtrade products specifically for babies.

My first thoughts when I saw the products was that they look a really good quality product.  They come in glass packaging with simple effective labeling that also gives a natural, organic feel.  The products that we tested were the Bumfluff Nappy Balm, The Cheeky Monkey Cheek Rub Oil and Rock the Cradle  Organic Scalp Oil.

Bumfluff Nappy Balm

This balm is a pretty solid one, so I used to keep it above the radiator so that it was a little softer and easier to use. A little really goes a long way with this balm so although it is fairly expensive you won’t need to buy it very often. This product is made from Shea butter with Chamomile and Lavender essential oils.  It contains 80% organic ingredients and is Soil Association and Fairtrade certified.  We used this as a preventative nappy cream but also if we ran into any problems with nappy rash. It cleared up any problem areas very quickly and certainly seemed to soothe our son if soreness was an issue.  We have also used it on grazes and blisters.  I’m not sure if you are supposed to but it did work! We loved this product and we went on to buy another pot when this one was empty quite a few months later. Would definitely recommend!

Cheeky Monkey Cheek Rub Oil

My son was 18 months when we tested this and going through some major teething issues with his molars. We tried the cheek rub oil a good few times when he was really suffering but we didn’t really feel that it helped, other than to provide some temporary distraction.  I’m afraid we are yet to be persuaded on this one (but it does smell oh so lovely!)

Rock the Cradle Organic Scalp Oil

Unfortunately both of our children have suffered with cradle cap so this was one product that we were very enthusiastic about testing.  At the time we were using just plain olive oil to sooth Thomas’s cradle cap and this seemed to work fine but if he then had a few days of having to wear a warm hat, the flaky dry skin would start to come back again.  Since changing to the Rock the Cradle oil we have found that the problem does not seem to recur as frequently although he does seem to get a flare up every so often but on a much smaller scale.  Hopefully if we carry on using this it should be totally clear in a few more weeks.  Again, we would recommend this product and we might even look into selling it on the Green Mums website so watch this space!

A big thank you to Organic Monkey for sending us these products, it has been a pleasure to use them and we have even bought some as ‘new baby’ gifts!


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