Now in stock, Amber teething necklaces

30 Sep

You may have read our previous post when we reviewed an amber teething necklace.  Our son was teething at the time so it was a great opportunity to test this natural teething remedy.  We were really impressed with the results and have now decided to sell these necklaces on our website. We hope you like them.  They are made from 100% genuine, Baltic amber.

Amber is a resin produced by extinct coniferous trees which fossilized to become Amber.  It is very light and warm to the touch.  Wearing amber against the skin releases the oils onto the body.  The analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties of these oils help babies stay calm and more relaxed during teething.  Amber teething necklaces are very common place in european countries and can be routinely found in pharmacies.  Green Mums predicts that we will be seeing a lot more of these in the coming years, as people turn to more natural teething remedies.  Please note: The necklaces are designed to be worn by babies and should not be chewed. Price £12.99, available in a variety of colours


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