Apple pressing, cakes and campfires

9 Oct
Apples are an all-American success story-each ...

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Today we went to a fundraiser for Diptford school in Devon.  It was advertised as an apple pressing day and we went along to try to make use of our huge apple crop.  We only have 3 trees but they seem to have done really well this year.  We bagged them all up and loaded them in the boot until the back of the car was looking dangerously close to the ground!

The amount of apples that people brought along was astounding.  There were boxes, crates, trugs and pallets literally brimming with them.  They had hired an industrial press and a pulper (I think that’s what it’s called?) and it wasn’t long before we were thrown in at the deep end, washing the apples, throwing them in the pulper and passing them along the production line to the men handling the press. The end product was the most delicious apple juice I have ever tasted.  Lily and Thomas could not get enough of it.

It was great fun to make the juice and the children enjoyed getting stuck in too.  There was plenty of other stuff to do, there was apple printing on tea shirts or bags, home-made cakes and soup to keep the energy up.  We sat around a campfire toasting marshmallows and baking apple bread and spent hours exploring the school playgrounds which were lovely.

I’m sure the day will have raised some much needed funds for the school but for me the success was in the huge numbers of families that came along to support the school.  You don’t see this kind of community spirit very often and it was really wonderful. Thank you Diptford school, we will see you next year!


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