Gorgeous gifts for special little girls – all for under £10

17 Nov

Children seem to have loads of toys these days.  We may be living in a recession, but cheap, plastic toys are still pretty easy to come by for most of us.  The giant toy stores are already offering special deals to tempt us through their doors.  I find a lot of these toys a bit depressing, they just don’t seem to last for more than 5 minutes before they get broken.  I’ve been trawling the web today looking for some lovely gifts that I would have liked as a little girl – here are some of my favourites! They don’t break the bank as they are all under £10

The Hungry Caterpillar Watering Can

Perfect for helping Mummy and Daddy with the garden.  This lovely watering can is only £9.95 from The Handpicked Collection

Pretty bead kit, sure to provide hours of amusement!

I love this bead kit. It comes in a gorgeous little case that my daughter could find a million uses for when the beads are all gone!  At £9 I think this is very good value. Available from Notonthehighstreet.com

Belle and Boo Tea Party Lunchbox

How sweet is this?! Ooh, I want one too please….£8.99 from The Gifted Penguin

Fawn Water Bottle

We got one of these for Lily last year. She was four and I did wonder if a water bottle would get much of a reaction from her but she LOVED it! £8.50 from Cox and Cox

Keep your little mermaid dry with this gorgeous umbrella!

I love the sea-horse handle on this umbrella. Very, very cute! I think we might have to ask Santa for one of these. Available from Brollies Galore at £7.99

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little selection.  If you have any to add, please do comment below. It will help us all in the search for the perfect Christmas present!


3 Responses to “Gorgeous gifts for special little girls – all for under £10”

  1. Not Just A Mummy November 17, 2011 at 6:14 pm #

    oooh some lush items!

  2. andmybaby December 6, 2011 at 11:44 pm #

    Me again! Lovely selection! I completely agree about the plastic toys only lasting 5 mins or less. I recently did a clear-out before my son’s birthday & purged the house of almost all of the plastic toys…there were a lot! We donated a lot of the good stuff to a charity shop. He seems to like having less toys lying around. He plays longer with the toys that need a bit more imagination.

    • rationingrevisited February 24, 2012 at 6:58 pm #

      yep wee nned to filter our kids toys aswell. we bought a few of those plastic square boxes with lids for the kids to stick under the beds as we dont have the room to store the toys anywhere else…… theyre all FULL to pop now. problem is the kids are convinced they NEED everything they have…. i get sentimental aswell…. which doesnt help at all

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