The thank you note fiasco

26 Jan

After 3 weeks of nagging, coaxing and pleading we have finally finished writing our Christmas thank you notes!

My 5 year old does enjoy crafting and making things, but in the aftermath of Christmas when she has a brand new  leap pad and Tangled DVD it has all seemed somehow less appealing.  It is hard though when they are in school all day. They are tired when they get home and there’s always other things to do like reading and snack and then tea and bath.  I do miss the days when I had her at home all to myself all day.

Difficult as it is, I will always encourage my children to send a quick note to say thank you. I think gratitude is a very important life lesson. I can’t guarantee they will always be hand-made though, not after this year!



One Response to “The thank you note fiasco”

  1. Faizan January 27, 2012 at 6:55 pm #

    These are creative to say the least. I was thinking to have my children create their own design and then embossing or lamenting it in an actual card. It can let kids harness their creativity and take up a new hobby instead of being glued in front of the Xbox.

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