Mini aquarium and other ocean crafts for children

1 Mar

We are very lucky where we live, we are so close to the National Marine Aquarium. We have been here many times with the children, they never tire of it.  They love to see to see all the sea creatures, get crafty in the classroom area and of course, visit the sharks! We have recently been inspired to get crafty with some ‘under the sea’ activities so I thought I would share them with you here.

Firstly, here is our very simple ‘Aquarium Shoebox’. Just find an empty shoebox and paint it blue then fill it with sea creatures. Luckily we spotted these little creatures at the aquarium and they were very cheap, I expect you could find similar things on the internet. The sea shells and seaweed have of course come from the beach, in fact we tend to bring something new home for our mini aquarium every time we visit the beach now! It is a very basic little box but the children really love it and it has really sparked their imaginations. I especially like the little pink treasure chest that Lily added.

Mini Aquarium Shoebox

Can you tell by this little piece of artwork which are our favorite creatures at the aquarium? Yes,  you guessed it – most definitely the seahorses, starfish and clown fish. I cut out these templates for the children and gave them lots of paints, glitter and other bits and pieces. They came up with the all the designs themselves and spent ages doing this.  We had so many fish at the end of this we could probably have wallpapered the whole house with them!

'Ocean Life' by Lily, Megan and Thomas

Finally, here are some books that we love, which are all ocean themed. Our top recommendation has to be Tiddler: The story-telling fish it is amazing. The children get so involved in the story and are always acting it out and joining in. After the Gruffalo I think this has to be our favourite book by Julia Donaldson. We also love  Tickly Octopus
and The Rainbow Fish both are lovely, heartwarming stories.

Is there a place of interest near you which inspired you to ‘get crafty’?


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