Bambooty Easy One Size cloth nappy review

15 Mar

The Easy One Size Bambooty nappy

Trialling the Bambooty Easy One Size nappy has been a confusing experience for us. It’s not often a nappy leaves me reaching for a diagram not once but twice. Having tried lots and lots of nappies I can normally figure out how they work and are adjusted within seconds but not the Bambooty Easy One Size!It is worth noting that when on the largest setting,this nappy is easy and straightforward and pretty much exactly the same as any birth to potty nappy with popper closure to put on. It is also worth noting that the largest section is much larger than your standard large setting on a Birth to Potty. I would imagine Bambooty have done this because of the fact everyone mentions how small Bambooty sized nappies are. My little boy is in a Bambooty XL in sized but still not quite big enough for the largest fit in this nappy.I asked around a few people who also owned/had tried the Bambooty One Size and the first thing they all said was ‘I don’t like the folding!’ To adjust the nappy to medium you essentially popper down the nappy and then fold the front over, leaving the inner fabric of the nappy exposed and covering much of the print (and the prints ARE gorgeous,Bambooty introduced 2 new prints for the One Size aswell as the standard Bambooty prints and they are much too pretty to cover up).The newborn setting is again a complicated process and leaves the nappy looking bulky although a certain degree of bulkiness is always expected when using a Birth to Potty nappy on a newborn.

Fit aside, the One Size does have the features you would expect from a Bambooty. If you can figure out the folding, it is possible to get a really neat and snug fit. The poppers underneath the labels are  a real help for making sure you don’t get any wing-droop- we didn’t realise they were there until second read of the diagram and they improved the fit dramatically.

As with all Bambooty’s the inserts are sewn in (and includes an optional snap-in booster) and they are nice and absorbent,we never had a leak and the nappy is nice and trim under clothes although this might not be the case if you were using it on a small newborn.

I also noticed that the one size dries surprisingly quickly which considering they contain enough bamboo to make them as absorbent as they are is impressive and I expected a much longer drying time.

Overall a good, reliable nappy as long as you’re willing to invest a little bit of time and some diagram studying to get the fit right!

Thank you to Jen for this nappy review.  Jen is a real nappy advisor with the Devon Real Nappy Project


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