Play Merrily toy review, Djeco Jigsaws

23 Mar

We were recently sent some puzzles to review by a lovely lady called Merry.  Merry sells a huge range of toys on her website Play Merrily and, like us, they are a family business – her’s started from her kitchen cupboard! She has such a wide range of good quality toys on her website, many are that little bit different and not the sort of thing we would find on the high street in Plymouth.

We were sent two Djeco puzzles. One was a 54 piece Fairy Castle Jigsaw and the other, a 54 piece Pirate Ship, the perfect choice for our 5 year old and 3 year old.  Our 3 year old son Thomas, is a puzzle fanatic – he loves them! I thought he might struggle a little with this one as it is a lot of pieces for a just turned 3 year old.  He loved it! The picture on this puzzle is so intricate that it kept him fascinated for ages the first time he put it together and now he keeps coming back to it time and time again. There are so many hidden stories in this puzzle and so many amusing things happening when you look closely.

I think this is a puzzle that will stay on our shelves for many years, it continues to capture his imagination every time.  The pieces are excellent quality and although it has now been used almost daily for a few weeks, it still looks like new.

The puzzle says it is for age 5+ and I would say this is about right.  I think the fact that he can manage it is purely down to his addiction to puzzles over the last few months.

The finished puzzle!

Fairy Castle Jigsaw

The second puzzle we were sent was the Fairy Castle Jigsaw  also from the Djeco range.  My 5 year old daughter tested this one out.  Lily has never been a fan of puzzles. She would much rather be doing something else than having to sit still for the time it takes to complete a puzzle! I didn’t really expect much interest from her when she saw this but she was instantly excited.  The jigsaw comes in a Castle-shaped box and I think this grabbed her from the start.

This puzzle has a beautiful design, with bright colours and intricate details. She was fascinated by all the little fairies flitting around in the picture and she quite happily sat and finished this puzzle with some help.  She has come back to it time and again, which is VERY unusual for Lily.  Again, I am sure this will be a puzzle that we keep for a long time.

These would make wonderful presents for children’s birthdays and at £9.95 I think that is a really reasonable price for a quality jigsaw.  You can also get free delivery over £15 which is always a winner for me.

Merry also writes a wonderful blog Patch of Puddles about Home Educating and Neonatal loss, I’m not sure how she finds the time but it is a wonderful read.  It is inspiring and heartwarming and when I read it, I find that it makes me want to be the best mother I can be.  I’m still working on that one….


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