Say Poo to Poverty with our Real Nappy Week event!

4 Apr

Real Nappy Week 2012 is from 16th – 20th April.  We’ve got lots of nappy events scheduled for the Plymouth area but we are also planning something which anyone can take part in.

We are holding an event called ‘Real Nappies are great, pass it on and make a change!’ You can view our event page on Facebook here.  Basically, we are asking lovers of real nappies to have a look through their nappy stash and see if they have any nappies they no longer want.  If you find you have some you no longer need, why not pass one on to a friend and see if you can convert them to cloth?

If you don’t know someone who can use them then we know of a fantastic charity who can! Operation Sunshine South West are based very near to us in Tavistock and they send practical aid to people in East Africa who are living in desperate poverty. They also supervise the distribution of all donated items so they KNOW that their work makes a difference.

One of the items they are always desperate for is cloth nappies.  They work with orphanages, hospitals and refugee camps and cloth nappies are always in short supply.  At the moment they are fashioning nappies out of bits of cut up towelling and they have told us they would be very grateful for ANY cloth nappies.  This includes pre-folds, terry squares, pocket nappies, two-part nappies and wraps – basically, whatever you can spare.

We are asking people to bring any unwanted nappies along to our Plymouth events during Real Nappy Week but if you are not local you can still help out.  We will be arranging a delivery to Operation Sunshine at the end of April so up until the end of the month you can send these nappies directly to us and we’ll do the rest. You can find our address here. We understand that the container will be leaving for Africa in May. We’ll keep you up to date with how your nappies have helped, so look out for more blogs later in the year.

You can find out more about Operation Sunshine here

Please say Poo to Poverty and help make children’s lives better in Africa.


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