Bring the beach to your house – rainy day play

4 May

We have been so sick of the rain lately! It doesn’t usually stop us getting out and about but honestly, it’s been ‘tanking it down’ (I’ve been informed this is a northern expression and one I’m going to adopt!)

The children have been very disappointed that they can’t go to the playground or out on their scooters and Thomas has been asking to go to the beach almost every day for a week.  In the end I thought. “let’s bring the beach to our house”

We had a ‘beach picnic’ for snack, sporting all the latest beach wear….

No photos!

Then it was time to open our Ice Cream shop.  We used my homemade playdough for the ice cream and the children both loved using our ice cream scoop.  I added essential oils to the playdough so we had ‘Minty Mermaid’ and ‘Lavender Berry’ Ice cream. We used real money in our shop so that Lily could practice what she has been learning in numeracy. Thomas counted out the number of scoops and Lily helped to work out how much our ice creams would cost.

How many scoops mummy?

Ice cream Sundae – with ‘sprinkles’

We also used our play dough to make some fishy fossils.

Finally, we washed off the sand with a nice long soak in the bath rock pool.  Of course we had to wear our swimming costumes for this!

I’m going to need a big net mummy!

Please share your rainy day adventures that you have created at home.


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