The Very Hungry Cress Eating Caterpillar

7 Oct

Don’t these look great? These are very easy to make and you can find all the instructions in the wonderful book Garden Crafts for Children. We have made many things from this book but I think this is my favourite, it is so simple yet very effective. The children had so much fun making them and we are going to make some Three Cheese and Cress Muffins with our crop!

All you need to do is paint some egg cartons, fill them with half an egg-shell and then fill the egg shells with cotton wool. We dyed the egg shells pink which makes the caterpillars look even more colourful. Lily loved watching them turn pink as they sat in our bowl of water and food colouring. Just sprinkle the cress seeds onto the top of the cotton wool and keep them watered until they grow. We used pipe cleaners for the legs and stuck on a little smiley face.


2 Responses to “The Very Hungry Cress Eating Caterpillar”


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