Home-made Christmas

23 Jan

Christmas 2012 was a busy one for  me, hence the fact that I haven’t posted in a while! This could well be the last Christmas that I am a stay at home mummy so I went all out with our Christmas crafting and play.

You may have already seen a couple of my Christmas posts. I loved making the Christmas Tree Elves and our Glitter houses, these were projects for me really. Lily did get involved when it came to the sprinkling of the glitter though! I think they looked lovely displayed on the mantlepiece.


We also made some lovely Christmas Tree Pine Cones.  We used some lovely big pine cones for this which we found in the woods. Before using them I dried them in the oven at about 150 degrees for around 30 minutes. This gets rid of any sap and if they are nice and dry they will not rot. Keep an eye on them whilst they are in the oven as some dry quicker than others and will start to burn if left too long.

We spread some PVA glue onto the pine cones and then covered them in glitter. We cut out a cardboard star and covered this in both sides with more glitter. Use some nice stiff card so that it will sit nice and straight on top of your pine cone tree.

pine cone tree

We also decorated some christmas stockings and christmas trees that I had cut out from coloured card. All we did was stick some sparkly bits on and Thomas also decorated this stocking with his name. If you attach a horizontal ribbon in your window or along the ceiling you can peg these to the ribbon to make some Christmas bunting. Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of ours before packing it all away so you will have to imagine how they looked!


We’ve got lots of handmade decorations which we have made over the years. This one is so simple (and cheap!) and I just love it! You could make these as presents for grandparents and you could make a different one each year with a recent photograph. Just take an old plastic water bottle and cut off the bottom (about 4 or 5 inches) Make sure you have no sharp edges at the bottom.

Sprinkle some glitter onto it and then secure your photo with PVA glue. Attach a ribbon so that the decoration can be hung on your tree and hey presto! A very easy, simple craft that children can do themselves.

xmas photo dec

Another gift that we made this year was some lavender soaps with dried flowers. They were gorgeous and a big hit with Grandma and Nanny. You could also make these for Mother’s Day or Birthdays.

We had a couple of twig trees this year, in addition to our traditional Norway spruce. I love how simple but effective these trees are. They are perfect for displaying home-made decorations.

twig trees

Did you make any home-made Christmas decorations or gifts? Feel free to share links here, I’m sure we can all use some more ideas!


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