Papier Mache Easter Chick Basket

26 Mar

I spotted this idea over at the fantastic blog Red Ted Art. Maggy has some amazing ideas for crafting with children and if it’s something you are passionate about I would definitely recommend following her blog.

We loved making this easter basket. It was very simple and such a cheap (Pardon the pun!) idea. All you need is some newspaper, PVA glue, a balloon, some paint and some pieces of foam, felt or card for adding the little decorations. If you can find a few feathers too that would be great, most craft shops sell them.

How to make the chick basket.

First of all blow up your balloon. Don’t make it too big because it will take you forever to cover it with the Papier mache. Decide what shape you would like your basket to be and then start to cover that area with your papier-mache. The traditional way to do this is to use a special paste but I just used PVA glue as I had a lot of this to hand! It worked really well. You need a good 3 or 4 layers to make it nice and strong. Allow each layer to dry before doing the next one.

chick basket1

When you have a rough shape and you have covered all your layers use a pen to draw the line where you intend to cut your basket.Take a sharp knife and cut your shape out. You might want to pop the balloon before you do this. When you have your paper basket shape coat it with some good thick paint. We used acrylic and Thomas decided he would use a roller to do this.

chick basket2

When you have finished painting your basket leave it to dry before attaching a ribbon to carry it with. I made a couple of holes in the side with a scalpel to make sure that it stayed on but you could glue them to the inside of the basket with a glue gun if you are nervous about piercing holes in your basket.

Decorate your basket with some ‘chick’ features and voila! All you need now is to find an Easter Egg hunt….

chick basket3

And here is the finished basket, with feathers!

chick basket4

If you like this idea, you might be interested to know that Maggy at Red Ted Art has just released a new craft book called
Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids

I will definitely be ordering it. After following her blog for a few years now, I know it will be fantastic!


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