Jellyfish craft for children

15 Aug

On a recent trip to the beach we were lucky enough to spot some amazing jellyfish. Unfortunately most of them had been washed up on the shore dead but it did mean that we got to have a good look at them!

We’ve been talking about jellyfish quite a bit since then. The children were amazed to find out that jellyfish have been around since before the days of dinosaurs. The Lion’s Mane jellyfish measures 6 feet across and has tentacles that measure 100 feet! Jellyfish are the favourite meal of sea turtles and the chinese consider Jellyfish a delicacy.

Jellyfish can still sting if they are dead so if you do find one washed up on the shore it is best not to touch it.

We decided to make some Jellyfish this week. It is a lovely easy little craft and I think they look quite realistic too!

What you need:

Clear plastic A4 sleeves

Glitter glue

Some ribbon or string

Sequins if you want to add a little more sparkle!

How to make:

Cut your plastic sleeve into a bell shape and then open it up.

Decorate what will be the inside of the Jellyfish. (When it is dry you will fold the other plastic sleeve over the top to seal everything inside)



Stick your ribbon or string along the bottom of the Jellyfish and then leave the glue etc to dry.

When dry seal around the edge of the plastic using sellotape and display proudly on your wall or window!

P1020206 P1020208


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