Painted Owl pebbles

10 Sep


I finally got around to adding this post about our owl pebbles which I painted back in November! I have suddenly got a lot more time on my hands now that the children are both in school.

I love Owls! They are just so cute and adorable and I am a sucker for anything owl-related when wondering around gift shops.

These painted pebbles make a great frugal gift for anyone that is a lover of owls. I have used acrylic paint because they will last longer, wont chip off and you could even use them as ornaments in the garden. If you already have acrylic paint in the house then they basically cost you nothing.

I was a bit unsure how to go about painting these owls so I googled a few ideas and managed to do them in stages. Here are a few shots of the stages that we took, hopefully this will give you some idea of where to start.

I think we will be painting a lot of more pebbles in the future, it is very therapeutic! I have seen some pictures for some more contemporary looking ones so I would like to give these a go.

If your children (or you!) have a love of owls then I would recommend the book Owls (Usborne First Reading: Level 4)
‘It is really lovely, has some great owl facts and some gorgeous pictures which you could use to help with your pebble designs.  Also of course, Owl Babies A classic book that every child will love.

If you have any owl-related crafts that you would like to share, please do leave them in the comments box below!

photo (3) photo (2)



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