My perfect night in

17 Sep
When challenged by Little Stuff and Two Little Fleas to describe how would I spend £750 on a ‘perfect night in’ my brain immediately went into overdrive thinking about posh dinner parties (catered of course!)

I’m afraid that friends and family won’t be receiving that invitation just yet!  I spent quite a bit of time thinking up the perfect menu, which cocktails we would serve and who we would invite but then had a complete change of plan.

I decided what would make a really perfect night in would be to have a perfect room to spend it in. We started decorating our sitting room at the start of this year and despite it being 100 times better than it was before – it is still not finished and there are still a few things that need ‘finishing off’ before I’d feel comfortable hosting a dinner party.

Before refurbishment. Check out the carpet!

Before refurbishment. Check out the carpet!

As you can see it was pretty darn awful when we started. We had lived with it like this for 7 years. The wallpaper was hanging off in places, the carpet was really, really grotty. (There’s only so much you can do with carpet shampoo!) There were wires and cables everywhere, going under the carpet and around the walls. Any shelving we did have was groaning under the weight of plastic toys and my husband’s CD collection.

Almost finished!

Almost finished!

Eight months on and it is now looking much better but looking after children and having a lack of money got in the way of totally finishing the project. We still need a new door and the room is really lacking those few little extras that give a room some personality. A lovely little table would be nice, plus some art for the walls and some decorative items would really be the icing on the cake!

So here’s my wish list to enable us to have ‘the perfect night in’ costing £750 (or thereabouts!)

New sitting room door to include ‘a man who can’ to come and hang it for us. I wonder if the man from the diet coke advert is available?

Nest of tables from John Lewis

New chairs for our dining table. Apparently ‘spills and accidents can just be wiped off’ these chairs.. Yippeee!!! Our current ones have seen much better days and I’m really sick of looking at ground in weetabix and mushy peas.

I’d like some nice framed prints to adorn our boring walls.  The husband will probably need to be consulted first as we have very different views on art but I love this print by John Dyer. It reminds me of our recent holiday and is so bright and colourful.

We need a nice clock for the mantelpiece. I’m loving this art deco one.

If there was any money left I’d pop out for a chinese takeaway and a bottle of bubbly, then hubby and I could sit back and admire our beautiful room whilst getting tipsy and eating too much. Now that’s my idea of the perfect night in!

How would you spend £750 on a perfect night in?


2 Responses to “My perfect night in”

  1. Alison September 18, 2013 at 6:18 pm #

    What a transformation, it looks fab

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