Madeleine McCann – 6 years on

16 Oct


Watching Crimewatch on Monday night my blood ran cold, just as it did six years ago when the tragedy first unfolded. I often wonder how the McCann family manage to cope day after day, not knowing what has happened to Madeleine? How do you carry on, not knowing where you child is or what has happened to them?  I guess the answer must be that you just HAVE to carry on, for your other children and for the rest of your family. I admire Gerry and Kate for not giving up in the fight to find their daughter, they must have been feeling broken and bereft for six agonising years, finding the strength to go on must be incredibly hard.

The programme last night seems positive in so many ways, lots of new leads and lots of calls from people who recognised the new e-fit photos. Why though has it taken so long to get to this point?  Why are the Metropolitan Police finding out that leads followed by the Portuguese authorities were not useful and that new leads were left without being followed up?  I can’t help feeling angry for this family, years have been allowed to pass by before our own country really steps in and helps. In my mind this should have happened in the beginning.

My thoughts go out to the McCann family and I really hope that this time they will get some answers.

For anyone that missed the reconstruction on Crimewatch last night, you can view it here. You can also view all of the latest e-fit photographs on the official  Find Madeleine website. If you were in Praia da Luz on or around 3rd May 2007 do please take the time to have a look.

If you see a girl resembling Madeleine as she may look now (see above image) you should IMMEDIATELY contact your local police station AND contact Operation Grange

0207 321 9251 (in the UK)
+44 207 321 9251 (non-UK)

OR Crimestoppers in confidence on 0800 555111

Please share this post in any way you can, lets keep everyone looking for Madeleine. If you are a fellow blogger you can use your blog to help spread the word by writing your own post about Madeleine.  Please include a link with the recent e-fit photos and use the hashtag #blogging4madeleine


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