Hotel Chocolat Christmas Review

18 Dec

I had a lovely email from Hotel Chocolat asking me if I would mind reviewing some of their chocolates. I had to think about that for ooh, about zero seconds! The answer was a resounding “yes please!” I have often found myself nose up against the window of their shop gazing in at their tempting treats. I try not to slobber all over the window….

I was given a choice of Christmas selections and could select the one I wanted. These included their signature Christmas collection which looked divine and would have been my first choice. Unfortunately these were  not gluten-free so I chose the ‘Mingles and Jingles Bag‘. I thought this would appeal to the whole family as it is like a ‘chocolate lucky dip. At this point I would like to say that all of their products are really well labelled with allergy information so if you do need to think about gluten, dairy or nuts then their website makes this much easier. It would be great if they could work on developing their range to include more options for coeliacs at some point in the future.

Mingles and Jingles

The chocolates arrived in a lovely linen bag with a sparkly Christmas design on the front. I will no doubt keep the bag and use it for something else as it is too nice to throw away.  The bag contained 3 scrummy chocolate shapes. Solid milk chocolate penguins, white chocolate Christmas bells and caramel angels. There is no doubt that these are some of the nicest chocolates I have tasted. Being a thrifty family, we don’t normally splash out on really good quality chocolates but I think I will be tempted to do this in future.  It is fair to say that you can really taste the difference with luxury chocolates. The chocolates feel thicker, creamier and the flavour lasts longer.  I normally feel that I need to keep eating and eating chocolate but with these I feel that just one will satisfy my chocolate craving which hopefully means they will last longer than a couple of days!

The children love them and they really enjoy the ‘lucky dip’ aspect of these chocolates.  My only criticism would be that we seemed to have mostly penguins in our bag and not many of the other two chocolates.

If you are still looking for a last-minute gift for that special person then I would definitely recommend paying a visit to Hotel Chocolat. They have a lovely Christmas selection but they also have a gift section on their website for every special occasion you can think of!


Hotel Chocolat provided with some free chocolates for review purposes. All of the honest opinions expressed in this post are my own.


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