Handmade Gifts on a budget

18 Jan


I couldn’t blog about this leading up to Christmas because some of these gifts were for lovely family members that read my blog! The children and I spent lots of time making gifts this year. It was probably October when we started. They have both really enjoyed the hands-on aspect of making these gifts and they were very proud to present them on Christmas Day.

Soap-making is very simple and you can read my previous post with instructions here. This year we added a few ingredients to make different types of soaps including Oats and Honey, Lemon and Poppy Seed and my favourite – Lavender Soaps using essential oils and dried Lavender flowers.


soaps 3

We also made some bath salts scented with Lavender essential oil. I think they look pretty lovely and I can vouch for the fact that they smell pretty good too. We used food colouring to make some in Christmas colours. We layered these to look a bit like a candy cane! Topped off with a Christmas ribbon I think these would make a nice gift all on their own.



It is very easy to make bath salts. The main ingredient is Epsom Salts which you can buy in large quantities online.  Whilst you can add other ingredients like Sea Salt and Baking Powder, this is really not necessary. We added some peppermint essential oil for an ‘invigorating and refreshing’ blend and Lavender oil and flowers for a more relaxing blend. They smell gorgeous and you just add a couple of tablespoons to your bath.

There are lots of benefits to bathing with Epsom Salts.  They relax the nervous system, relieve aching limbs, coughs and congestion and remove toxins from the body.

We made our gifts into hampers. I collected some suitable boxes that were due to go in the skip at our local garden centre. There’s no need to splash out on expensive wicker baskets. Just wrap your boxes in a nice wrapping paper and use clear cellophane to cover the top. I chose some other bits and pieces to go in the boxes. These included candles, hand cream and nail brushes.  We also included a little salt dough pot that Thomas made. He loved painting this and covering it in glitter and I think it is perfect for storing rings or earrings. Next year I think I may try to make our own hand cream and candles!





One Response to “Handmade Gifts on a budget”

  1. cleanli March 27, 2014 at 9:08 pm #

    This is an absolutely fab idea, the little soaps are absolutely adorable!

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