Swell UK Pond Products – review post

16 Jul

A few months back I was contacted by Swell UK to ask if I would be interested in reviewing one of their products. This came at a good time for us, we had just been tearing our hair out trying to work out how to sort out our slimy, green pond! I was put in touch with their pond expert who gave us some excellent advice. he recommended trying one of their filters and gave us all the technical information we needed to be able to install this.


Our lovely new filter arrived the next day!


Before installing the filter we did give the pond a good clean and removed as much sludge as possible. We left the new water to settle for about a week before installing the filter and in this time the water had already started to go murky and horrid so I was unsure as to how much benefit we would really get from a filter.

Installation was easy (or so Green Daddy tells me!)  and he had it installed and running in no time. After running it for a few days we noticed there was a leak somewhere but couldn’t quite work out where. Again, we got in touch with their pond expert who quickly suggested a few things that we should try. It turned out that our own waterfall was the culprit so we fixed that and now all is running perfectly.

Look at how disgusting our pond was when we started! There were about 50 fish in there and you couldn’t see them at all.




It has been just two weeks since the pond has been running and you can see in the pictures below that it has made a HUGE difference!






The service from SwellUK was excellent. Everyone I had contact with was so helpful and professional. I love how they have experts on hand to give advice and their after-sales support is also brilliant.  Their prices are reasonable, I did a comparison of filter prices and they are about average with other sellers.  Their website is very easy to navigate and full of lots of useful information. I love their page about creating a wildlife garden.

I would definitely recommend SwellUK for pond products. They also have two other sites, Swell Reptiles and Swell Pets We are SO happy with our lovely, clear pond!



Disclaimer:  We were provided with a pond filter for purposes of review. All opinions are my own and are not influenced by SWellUK.


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