Making a home for frogs

11 Dec

When I emptied out our tomato grow-bags recently, I was amazed to find a total of 3 frogs and two toads hiding in one of them! I’m so glad I wasn’t over-enthusiastic with my garden fork! They seem to love living in our greenhouse and we find some in there every year. At certain times of year our garden is full of toads and frogs. I’m guessing they like the fact that the garden is normally full of wet leaves and is not tidied up as often as it should be. I’m always surprised to find them hiding in the flower beds and under leaves, rather than in the pond.



toad-close up

As I wanted to give our greenhouse a good clean out, we decided to make our frogs and toads a little home. They needed a little encouragement moving in but they look quite happy in their new pad! You just need an old terracotta flower-pot which can be half-filled with some wet leaves. We are going to try to find a little tray to place in front of their ‘frog lodge’ to make a little pond for them.


Have you created any animal habitats in your garden?


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