Silly Yak ready to roll, gluten free pastry

7 Sep

I just HAD to tell you about this fantastic pastry. I have always hated making gluten free pastry, it is such a difficult process – whenever I attempt it it crumbles, breaks and basically falls to pieces. I don’t really see the fun in that! So you can imagine how thrilled I was to discover Silly Yak’s ready-to-roll pastry which is available in Tescos.

ready to roll

pastie collage

It rolls really easily, no cracks or breaks and actually feels really glutinous!

I have only tried one recipe so far. Being a cornish lass it just had to be pasties. I have not had a lot of experience making them so excuse the amateur look of them. The children (who can be fairly tough food critics), told me they were amazing. We recently bought them some non-gluten free pasties from a well know pasty maker and they told me mine were far better. Now that’s a good endorsement for Silly Yak pastry if ever I heard one!

At £1.75 for a 400g block I think the pastry is a really good price. This makes a change as you normally pay a huge premium for anything labelled ‘free from’. Silly Yak say they are looking at expanding their range to other gluten free pastries so watch this space! You can see their list of stockists here.

group pasties


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