Aquariums: The Perfect Family Day Out

3 Nov

Cow Nose Ray

Many thanks to Blue Reef Tynemouth for this guest post today:

Aquariums: The Perfect Family Day Out

The chance to discover a new world beneath the ocean and to explore what really happens under those waves – visiting an aquarium with the family is the perfect adventure out. You and the little ones are set for an exciting day full of creature facts and underwater fun. It’s not all about making a splash though, here’s the top three reasons why visiting an aquarium is the perfect family day out…

1. Fintastic Learning

Aside from seeing beautiful, colourful creatures up close, it’s a great learning experience for all. For the little ones it’s a great way to experience visual stimulation, which helps to increase their cognitive development.

Teaching the kids about different creatures and their various underwater habitats will help the whole family increase their knowledge on the aquatic world. We all learn differently, and aquariums appeal to all types of learners, whether they’re visual, auditory, or tactile learners – aquariums have it all.

Visual learners will be attracted to the exotic creatures and the shimmering colours which bounce off the water’s reflection. Auditory learners will love the guided tours and talks – not forgetting the daily feeding sessions where they’ll be able to find out all about creature feeding habits. Tactile learners will relish the fact that they can interact with displays, especially at rockpool encounters – we guarantee the parents will love the hands-on features too!

It’s not just the family’s knowledge of the creatures of the deep blue sea that will grow, either. Get ready for an influx of new words, which are usually nestled away under the waves. Think of all the creature names, the habitat names, and brand new conservation words that you and the family will learn. You’ll leave the aquarium as a walking ocean encyclopedia!

2. Waves of Fun

Are you ready to ride the waves of fun? Taking the family to an aquarium definitely provides splashes upon splashes of excitement. Creatures that you’ve only seen on TV are about to become reality. Still looking for Nemo? Not anymore, because your favourite fishy creatures are waiting to meet you.



Scientists and researchers have noted the stress-reducing powers of aquariums – for you and little ones. Whether it’s the sound of water, the colourful fish, or the mellow vibes – aquariums are a great place for the whole family to relax and unwind.

As the cheeky fairy Tinkerbell once said “imagination has no age”, and she couldn’t be closer to the truth! Aquariums help to inspire minds and let imaginations swim free as you’re transported together into an underwater world of mystery.

3. Conservation Care

The main purpose of an aquarium is to contribute to the protection and conservation of marine life from threats and harm. The majority of aquariums run conservation programmes to help protect the oceans and creatures, so you can involve the family in marine conservation.

Visiting an aquarium helps to demonstrate to kids from a young age that oceans are beautiful and important and promotes in them the sense of appreciation for the weird and wonderful creatures that live in our waters. Aquariums give you a great opportunity to teach the family about conservation and our employees – known as aquarists – are always on hand to give you advice and conservation tips.

Not only will you and the family meet fascinating creatures, you’ll also have the opportunity to learn vast amounts about marine biology, conservation, and all things ocean-related.

Whether it’s raining or shining, aquariums are the perfect family day out! So, what are you waiting for? Swim on over to your nearest aquarium and immerse yourself in the deep blue sea!

Many thanks to Becs Christofides for providing this post. We have enjoyed many visits to our local aquarium. Have you visited one lately?

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