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Christmas Tree Elves – easy christmas craft idea

12 Nov

I spotted these gorgeous little fellas on Pinterest and tracked them back to this  website which sells loads and loads of felt creations. They are all so gorgeous! Unfortunately it’s not an english website – I think it’s German but if you are clever with translations you might be able to place an order for delivery to the UK!

I thought I would attempt to make this myself. It doesn’t look nearly as good as the original but hey, that is part of the charm of making your own Christmas ornaments isn’t it? When the children are older and it is falling to pieces, at least I will be able to say ‘Mummy made that!’


These are so easy to make. My sewing skills are very limited so if I can make them anyone can!

I printed off a free Christmas tree template which I used to get the shape of the trees. Cut out two per tree. Sew around the outside of each tree leaving the bottom edge open.

Stuff your trees with a little material to give them some shape.

Cut a small slit where you want the face to go and from the inside push through a small polystyrene ball.

Finish sewing up the bottom edge but leave just enough space to insert a lollipop stick (you will use this to secure your elf to the log)

Sew on beads to decorate the trees and draw a face onto the polystyrene ball.

Add some little felt legs, again these are just two pieces of felt sewn together.

When you have made all your Elves, insert a lollipop stick into each one.

After ensuring that your log is fully dried (I left mine near the fire for a few days). Cover it with fine, white glitter.

Secure your Elves to the log by applying glue to the lollipop stick and pressing it onto the log. I used a hot glue gun for this, I don’t think PVA would be strong enough.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy… as my 3 year old would say.

What have you been making for Christmas? Please feel free to add your links here.


Half term fun for little ones

12 Oct


Teddy bears picnic

Image by Rose Robinson via Flickr


I spotted lots of fun ideas for half term over on Twitter today.  I thought I would share some of these with you.

For rainy days – grab your wellies and waterproofs, get out into the park and find some muddy puddles to splash about in.  They may get messy but they will LOVE IT!  While you’re there find some leaves (shouldn’t be too difficult right now!) to bring home and do leaf rubbing, or use them to decorate a piece of artwork.  If it really is too bad to go outside make yourself a den, grab a torch and play at ‘camping in the forest’.  Make a little picnic to take on your adventure and invite some teddy bears to join you.  If you run out of provisions, empty your kitchen cupboards and use those tins and packets to play shops – it’s much more fun with the real stuff.

If the sun does decide to make an appearance, make sure you make the most of it.  How about a treasure hunt or an obstacle course in the garden.  Get out those washable paints and some big sheets of paper and let them go mad.  Take off shoes and socks to makes some footprints, cut them out and make a trail.   Follow the trail to find the grufflalo or go on a bear hunt.

Visit a farm and pick yourself a pumpkin.  Take it home to make some yummy Sweet Pumpkin Pie and don’t forget to use the shell to make your scary Halloween lantern.  If you’re still looking for ideas to keep the little ones busy – dig out the contents of your recycling bin, give them some glue and let their imaginations run wild.