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Cloth Nappies for night-time use

11 Jul

Tots Bots Bamboo STRETCH nappy

We are often asked for recommendations for night-time nappies.  It is true that whatever nappy you are using during the day it may not last a good 10 hours overnight. Some people can successfully boost pocket nappies with bamboo or hemp boosters and these work fine however if you want an absorbent, no leak nappy then a two-part nappy would definitely be your best option.

Our favourite night-time nappy is the Eccobots Bamboo Nappy.  It is made from gorgeous soft bamboo and has a double layered bamboo boosters which fits inside the nappy.  The inner of the nappy is fully lined with fleece which will keep your baby’s bottom nice and dry throughout the night.  These nappies are made in North Devon which is another bonus for us! Use with a waterproof wrap over the top. We would recommend the Motherease airflow as it’s design enables air to circulate around the nappy or, if you are looking for a good birth to potty wrap then a Blueberry Coverall.

Our other favourite night-time nappies are currently the Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch and Little Lambs Bamboo nappies, again with the same wraps over the top. Don’t forget you can add boosters to all of these nappies if you need more absorbency. Always put bamboo boosters underneath microfibre boosters as the microfibre absorbs more quickly. Be careful not to over-stuff the nappy though. This can cause gaping at the legs which will cause wee to leak out.

Fleece liners are great for night-time as they will keep any moisture away from your baby’s bottom.

There is always a solution for night-time nappy problems. My advice would be to borrow a few night-time nappies from a friend or nappy advisor and see which works best for you.


Save £200 by using washable wet wipes

26 Apr

If you use disposable wet wipes, have you thought about changing to washable wet wipes?

They are a totally natural alternative to disposable wipes which contain a variety of chemicals and can cause bad reactions if you have a baby with a sensitive bottom. Using washable wipes can also save you around £200. They are far more practical than cotton wool on newborn babies. A big explosive newborn poo can sometimes take 10 cotton wool balls to get baby clean. A couple of washable wipes will do the job much more efficiently.

Using washable wipes is very easy. You can either purchase ready-made wipes or if you are feeling clever just make your own. Leave them soaking in a pot next to your changing table so that they are ready for each nappy change.

What to put in the water

You don’t need to put anything in the water but if you want to add something you could try a couple of drops of baby oil.  This will give your wipes a silkier texture and a little scent too.  You can also add a drop or two of essential oil to your water. Lavender and Chamomile are safe to use in this way.

You can also use washable wipes when you are out and about. Simply put a few wet ones into a waterproof bag or Tupperware pot and put them in your changing bag. If you are already using cloth nappies then you can just put them into you wet nappy bag when they are dirty.

What do I do with the dirty wipes?

Just put them into your nappy bucket with your nappies and wash when you are ready. It’s as simple as that!

We sell a Cheeky Wipes Kit which gives you everything you need to start using washable wipes. We loved using these on our children and the solutions that you get with the kit smell divine!


Bambino Mio – Miosolo cloth nappy review

12 Apr

We went into our testing of the MioSolo slightly sceptical having tried and known lots of others who had previously tried Bambino Mio and been less than impressed. When getting into conversations with others about cloth I’ve often heard ‘Oh we tried the Bambino Mios because they were the most popular but really didn’t like them and gave up, so  I have to admit to not being hugely hopeful and positive about trying their newest offering.
Then we tried it.
The MioSolo is a change for Bambino Mio from their usual two-part nappies and is a birth to potty all in one with an attached tuck-in insert that goes into a back pocket and an extra optional booster that goes into the same pocket (think Tots Bots Easyfit if you’re confused).
The MioSolo has become one of our most reached for nappies. The fit is lovely, it looks comfy and soft but snug enough at the same time to ensure no leakage. I had a play with the poppers to adjust size and was pleasantly surprised to see how small the nappy can be adjusted  without looking like it would be bulky on a small baby. The drying time is not the quickest of our nappies but being microfibre you’re still not looking at a huge amount of time and it will easily dry on an airer in a warm room overnight.
I was also surprised by the absorbency of the MioSolo when using the included optional booster and we happily used it as an ‘out and about’ nappy without leaks and my little boy still remaining comfy and dry.If you need extra absorbency there is plenty of room within the pocket to add a bamboo booster but we never needed one.
The only fault we found with the MioSolo was that it started to look slightly tatty after a few washes. It’s easy to see how if you had a full set of these from birth to potty that they wouldn’t end up looking particularly nice. We noticed slight fading and fraying of velcro after around 5 washes. However this doesn’t affect the function of the nappy at all and wouldn’t be too much of a problem at all unless you’re fussy (like me). Overall, we love the MioSolo!

Many thanks to Jen Furmage, Cloth Nappy Advisor in Plymouth for sending us this review

Say Poo to Poverty with our Real Nappy Week event!

4 Apr

Real Nappy Week 2012 is from 16th – 20th April.  We’ve got lots of nappy events scheduled for the Plymouth area but we are also planning something which anyone can take part in.

We are holding an event called ‘Real Nappies are great, pass it on and make a change!’ You can view our event page on Facebook here.  Basically, we are asking lovers of real nappies to have a look through their nappy stash and see if they have any nappies they no longer want.  If you find you have some you no longer need, why not pass one on to a friend and see if you can convert them to cloth?

If you don’t know someone who can use them then we know of a fantastic charity who can! Operation Sunshine South West are based very near to us in Tavistock and they send practical aid to people in East Africa who are living in desperate poverty. They also supervise the distribution of all donated items so they KNOW that their work makes a difference.

One of the items they are always desperate for is cloth nappies.  They work with orphanages, hospitals and refugee camps and cloth nappies are always in short supply.  At the moment they are fashioning nappies out of bits of cut up towelling and they have told us they would be very grateful for ANY cloth nappies.  This includes pre-folds, terry squares, pocket nappies, two-part nappies and wraps – basically, whatever you can spare.

We are asking people to bring any unwanted nappies along to our Plymouth events during Real Nappy Week but if you are not local you can still help out.  We will be arranging a delivery to Operation Sunshine at the end of April so up until the end of the month you can send these nappies directly to us and we’ll do the rest. You can find our address here. We understand that the container will be leaving for Africa in May. We’ll keep you up to date with how your nappies have helped, so look out for more blogs later in the year.

You can find out more about Operation Sunshine here

Please say Poo to Poverty and help make children’s lives better in Africa.

Bambooty Easy One Size cloth nappy review

15 Mar

The Easy One Size Bambooty nappy

Trialling the Bambooty Easy One Size nappy has been a confusing experience for us. It’s not often a nappy leaves me reaching for a diagram not once but twice. Having tried lots and lots of nappies I can normally figure out how they work and are adjusted within seconds but not the Bambooty Easy One Size!It is worth noting that when on the largest setting,this nappy is easy and straightforward and pretty much exactly the same as any birth to potty nappy with popper closure to put on. It is also worth noting that the largest section is much larger than your standard large setting on a Birth to Potty. I would imagine Bambooty have done this because of the fact everyone mentions how small Bambooty sized nappies are. My little boy is in a Bambooty XL in sized but still not quite big enough for the largest fit in this nappy.I asked around a few people who also owned/had tried the Bambooty One Size and the first thing they all said was ‘I don’t like the folding!’ To adjust the nappy to medium you essentially popper down the nappy and then fold the front over, leaving the inner fabric of the nappy exposed and covering much of the print (and the prints ARE gorgeous,Bambooty introduced 2 new prints for the One Size aswell as the standard Bambooty prints and they are much too pretty to cover up).The newborn setting is again a complicated process and leaves the nappy looking bulky although a certain degree of bulkiness is always expected when using a Birth to Potty nappy on a newborn.

Fit aside, the One Size does have the features you would expect from a Bambooty. If you can figure out the folding, it is possible to get a really neat and snug fit. The poppers underneath the labels are  a real help for making sure you don’t get any wing-droop- we didn’t realise they were there until second read of the diagram and they improved the fit dramatically.

As with all Bambooty’s the inserts are sewn in (and includes an optional snap-in booster) and they are nice and absorbent,we never had a leak and the nappy is nice and trim under clothes although this might not be the case if you were using it on a small newborn.

I also noticed that the one size dries surprisingly quickly which considering they contain enough bamboo to make them as absorbent as they are is impressive and I expected a much longer drying time.

Overall a good, reliable nappy as long as you’re willing to invest a little bit of time and some diagram studying to get the fit right!

Thank you to Jen for this nappy review.  Jen is a real nappy advisor with the Devon Real Nappy Project

Greenmums launch online video to promote benefits of cloth nappies

10 Jan

We have finally completed our online version of our cloth nappy demo. This short video briefly explains how cloth nappies work and the benefits of using them. We’d love to hear your feedback!

Napnap vouchers

14 Oct

We are very excited to be able to accept the new Napnap vouchers. These gift vouchers can be redeemed against purchases of cloth nappies at selected retailers.  We think they are a fantastic idea which is why we decided to register with them.  What better gift for a new parent that would love to try cloth nappies for themselves?

How do they work?

Just give  Napnap vouchers, in the same way that you would give normal vouchers.  The recipient then goes online, makes a choice of nappies from the comfort of their own home and pays with their vouchers.  Please click here for more information