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Great adventures in Grandad’s garden

27 Aug

Our own garden is fairly large but steeply sloping and terraced in places. It is a lovely space but doesn’t really give us a big enough area for the children to run around and burn off their seemingly unlimited stores of energy.

Luckily the children are fortunate enough to have grandparents with beautiful, big gardens. When visiting Grandma and Grandad in Kent, the children are totally spoilt as their garden is like one big playground.  You could play hide and seek here for days on end without getting bored.  There are so many little places to hide in.  There are also mature trees to climb, a vast lawn for games of croquet or badminton and, best of all, a hand-crafted treehouse.  This was made by Grandad and includes a pine-cone doorbell, a letterbox, little seats and a table (again all hand-made) and two little windows that they can open to keep look-out for spies (or grown ups!) It really is quite amazing.

The Treehouse

Grandad is very ingenious and usually comes up with some new entertainment for our next visit. What started as a pirate ship made from scaffolding poles and planks, soon evolved  into the departure point for the new zip wire! Some cabling and other technical bits and bobs, along with a handcrafted wooden seat has now taken shape and whizzes them from one end of the garden to the other. It is totally brilliant and keeps them amused for hours.

Pirates ahoy!

Pirates ahoy!

The garden is filled with gorgeous flowers, ponds and wildlife so we also spend time looking for frogs and butterflies. Here are a few that we spotted on our most recent visit.

P1020259 (2)

The Comma Butterfly (Polygonia c-album)


Small Tortoiseshell (Aglais urticae)


Large White (Pieris Brassicae)


Peacock (Inachis io)


Common Blue (Polyommatus Icarus)

We love exploring the numerous little paths that lead you to a folly, an apple tree filled with little people (yes, really!), statues, hidden benches and a greenhouse crammed full of little seedlings bursting out of their pots. At the top of the garden is Grandad’s shed in which he keeps everything and anything and you know that he can put his hand on exactly the thing he needs at a moment’s notice.

It’s a wonderful space for the children to grow up in and I thought it was definitely worth a mention on here.  I hope you will enjoy the photos too.

The Folly was built by Grandad is one of my favourite parts of the garden.

The Folly was built by Grandad and is one of my favourite parts of the garden.

Stunning Tree Lillies in the garden this summer

Stunning Tree Lillies in the garden this summer

Thomas loved helping Grandad to plant his runner beans in the spring. When we came back in the summer we ate them for tea!



Whilst we were in Kent a few weeks ago, we bought home some flint and asked Grandad to show us how to make some arrow heads. It seems there are no end to his talents!




Country kids

21 Oct

Our perfect weekend would include a day out in the country, or even at the local park.  Seeing the children running around without a care in the world, enjoying the freedom, the space and the independence is the best feeling in the world.  Being outside encourages them to explore their environment and develop confidence in their own abilities. It also encourages them to use their imaginations, making up their own games and their own rules.  We look for berries because if we find lots then we know there must be a bear around somewhere! We look for birds and try to name them and see who can spot the most interesting bug!

As a parent, I love them to play outside because I know they are not having to rely on the usual toys, games and television that we have at home.  I love to watch them enjoying life’s simple pleasures, whether it’s feeding the ducks, paddling in a stream or climbing a tree.  I also love knowing that they are getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. There’s no doubt that encouraging our children to be ‘country kids’ has increased the amount of real ‘quality time’ that we spend as a family and we have created some very happy memories whilst playing!

Lily can make a den out of anything!

This fallen down tree is actually a boat, watch out for the shark!

Enjoying a walk in the woods

Our lovely Lily

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