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A Saturday filled with sunshine, swings and treehouses

26 May

Today we went to visit my mum and stepdad and spent the day in their GORGEOUS garden.  We are so lucky that all sets of grandparents have wonderful gardens for us to enjoy.  Our garden is very small in comparison but we do try to make the most of it when it comes to playing outside.

Look at all the fun we had today…

First look at the new Treehouse!

What a cool slide!

I love the lights inside the treehouse…

The new Treehouse is amazing. Lily and Thomas loved it and the slide was a real treat.  We certainly made the most of the sunshine today and spent hours playing outside. Lily also had a chance to test out the new tyre swing from Garden Games Ltd. The company asked us if we were interested in reviewing one of these and we were thrilled to do this.  The tyres are all old car tyres that would have ended up in landfill.  Lily loved the swing and I loved the simple pleasures that she got from messing around on an old tyre!  The swing is put together very safely and I was very confident and happy for the children to play on it. It comes fully assembled and is easy to secure.  My only advice would be to check that you have the space for a tyre swing. You need a lot of space around the swing to ensure that you don’t crash into anything!

Thank you Nanny and ‘Grumpy’ for a lovely day. We can’t wait to come back!


How To Encourage Some Outdoor Fun

25 Mar

Child play

Now that the sun is shining and the Easter break is fast approaching, it’s time to consider entertainment for the little ones, ideally making the most of the good weather and going outside. The downside to outdoor fun is thinking of what to play. TV and video games are have become so much more convenient, as the game has already been created, but some of my most treasured childhood memories are from having fun in the garden.
Pirate ship
Building your own pirate ship and sailing the seas is great fun. To do this you need somewhere to have the ship. Your garden shed is ideal for this, as wooden planks are already in place, and all you need are some cardboard boxes, a wooden crate or two, and some blue bed sheets.

Place the blue sheets on the floor of the shed. This is, of course, the ocean. The two wooden crates will serve as the captain’s deck, and the boxes can be arranged around these in the shape of a ship. The idea is for the children to create an outline of a pirate ship to encourage them to use their imagination for the game. You can also create a wheel to steer using cardboard and some paint, and a sail using a broomstick and a white bed sheet.

If you don’t have a shed, just build the same design outside.  Our children have hours of fun with cardboard boxes.  It’s amazing what their imagination comes up with sometimes!
Batty Bowling
This game is an easy to do game, and will create hours of fun. The reason it’s called batty bowling is that instead of bowling pins you use any wacky object you have available, such as books, bottles, cereal boxes, milk cartons, or a tower of empty cans. Anything goes in any combination. Bowlers then use a tennis ball to knock them over.
Blind Path
With this game you create an obstacle course from one end of the garden to the other. You can use some empty cans to create a zigzag section, and a plank of wood balanced on some hardcover books to create a balancing beam. At the end of the course there could be a mental challenge. Have two cardboard boxes, one empty and one filled with balls or other toys. The children then have to pick out the tennis balls and put them in the empty box. One at a time the children can complete this course. The added difficulty is that they are timed and blindfolded. Let them examine the course for a moment and then blindfold them. Start the clock and let the fun begin. As the child is blindfolded they will need some assistance either from you of the other player to get on the balancing beam and find the boxes. Getting lost on the path is all part of the fun. Whoever has the best time, wins.
Hop Scotch
A great game to play for small gardens, all you need is a small area of paving.  If you can’t remember the rules, here is a short video which covers everything!

Another great source of outdoor fun is skipping.  This is great exercise and is something that can be done on your own or with friends.  We used to love French Skipping, or French Elastic I think it was called.  Two children stand opposite each other with a long piece of elastic around their ankles (so it is one big loop). A third child stands between them and has to do a number of jumps, skips and hops whilst repeating some skipping rhymes.  Hours of fun can be had with this, just google ‘skipping songs’ if you need some inspiration!

What outdoor games do your children enjoy?

Country kids

21 Oct

Our perfect weekend would include a day out in the country, or even at the local park.  Seeing the children running around without a care in the world, enjoying the freedom, the space and the independence is the best feeling in the world.  Being outside encourages them to explore their environment and develop confidence in their own abilities. It also encourages them to use their imaginations, making up their own games and their own rules.  We look for berries because if we find lots then we know there must be a bear around somewhere! We look for birds and try to name them and see who can spot the most interesting bug!

As a parent, I love them to play outside because I know they are not having to rely on the usual toys, games and television that we have at home.  I love to watch them enjoying life’s simple pleasures, whether it’s feeding the ducks, paddling in a stream or climbing a tree.  I also love knowing that they are getting plenty of fresh air and exercise. There’s no doubt that encouraging our children to be ‘country kids’ has increased the amount of real ‘quality time’ that we spend as a family and we have created some very happy memories whilst playing!

Lily can make a den out of anything!

This fallen down tree is actually a boat, watch out for the shark!

Enjoying a walk in the woods

Our lovely Lily

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