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Napnap vouchers

14 Oct

We are very excited to be able to accept the new Napnap vouchers. These gift vouchers can be redeemed against purchases of cloth nappies at selected retailers.  We think they are a fantastic idea which is why we decided to register with them.  What better gift for a new parent that would love to try cloth nappies for themselves?

How do they work?

Just give  Napnap vouchers, in the same way that you would give normal vouchers.  The recipient then goes online, makes a choice of nappies from the comfort of their own home and pays with their vouchers.  Please click here for more information

Now in stock. Little Lamb nappies

4 Oct

New to green Mums! Little Lambs nappies.

Now available in Bamboo, Organic Cotton and Pocket nappies.  These are very popular nappies, they are a comfortable, leak proof nappy which is also very economical.  Check out our Little Lamb complete kits for the best savings.

Win a gorgeous Mother’s Day bouquet from Wiggly Wigglers

18 Mar

Win a Mother's Day Bouquet from Wiggly Wigglers

A few weeks back, a very special friend of mine sent me a bouquet of dried flowers from Wiggly Wigglers.  It was the first time I’d had dried flowers in the post, I didn’t even really know that you could get them.  They’ve had pride of place on my dining room table since then and because they are dried they look just as good as the day they arrived.

I had heard of Wiggly Wigglers before but I had associated them with wormeries and didn’t realise they offered this service to their customers.  I went onto their website and they have a really wide range of products for anyone interested in gardening.  They sell a range of plants which are tailored to specific requirements, such as ‘The children’s 5 a day ready plot’  which contains a luscious selection of plug plants for your little ones to nurture.

They have a great range of eco products, including socks made from gorgeous goat mohair, a wide range of composting products (including of course their famous wormeries) and their selection of eco products for the home is vast!  If you haven’t visited them lately do pop over to their website – we love it!

I’m quite tempted to try one of their wormeries, it’s something we’ve always talked about but I’m not sure where we will put it, the children are taking over our garden!

This month’s competition prize is a gorgeous british grown Mother’s day bouquet from Wiggly Wigglers.  It’s easy to enter, just tell us which is your favourite product from their website.  Send your answer, along with your name, address and telephone number to tracy@greenmums.co.uk

The closing date is Wednesday 30th March and your bouquet will be delivered on Saturday 2nd April (the day before Mother’s day).  We will contact the winner to find out which address you would like the bouquet sent to.  UK addresses only please.

Win Burt’s Bees Baby Products worth £50!

19 Oct

For some strange reason I thought that Burt’s Bees only made products for babies but how wrong I was!  There are some truly lovely products for mums and dads too, so of course I was only too happy to try them out!Burt's Bees Bubble Bath

Naturally Ageless Line Diminishing Day Lotion contains Pomegranate extract which has highly antioxidant properties.  I’ve been using this cream every day now for about a month and my skin is quite noticeably softer.  I wouldn’t say the lines have diminished as yet but hey, we’re not talking miracles here.  I’m definitely going to carry on using this though because I love it’s natural ingredients and it doesn’t contain any nasties.  It’s priced at £21.99 which I think is very reasonable because you only need a tiny amount so it will last you for a very long time.

I’ve also been using the Beeswax Lip Balm which is fab!  I’ve used lip balms for years now, for some reason I’ve always suffered with chapped dry lips.  This Beeswax Balm is the best product I have come across.  It moisturises really well but seems to last for longer than other balms. It tastes good too but of course you’re not supposed to eat it!

Of course it’s not all about me and as usual the little ones have been busy testing products too.  Our favourite is the Baby Bee Bubble Bath.   Makes bath time fun with tear-free bubbles.  You also have peace of mind that there are no ingredients that can irritate delicate skin.  We’ve also been using the Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash which is £9.99.  It has concentrated ingredients so it will last for ages.  It smells lovely (must be the Orange and Lemon oils) and is a good all over wash and shampoo.

Burt’s Bees have some great environmental policies.  All their products are strictly labelled so that you know exactly what ingredients are in them (Most of their products are 99% natural. By the end of 2010 they plan to have 100% natural ingredients in all their products)  They do some fantastic work for the community such as raising awareness about the disappearance of honeybees and helping to build affordable green housing.  They have also taken steps to ensure that NONE of their waste is sent to landfill.

We have a fantastic hamper of Burt’s Bee baby products to give away!  The hamper of goodies is worth £50 and contains the following items:

Baby Bee Shampoo and Body Wash

Baby Bee Fragrance Free Shampoo and Wash

Baby Bee Bubble Bath

Baby Bee Nappy Ointment

Baby Bee Nourishing Baby Oil

Baby Bee Dusting Powder

For your chance to win this fantastic prize, head on over to Burt’s Bees and find the answer to this question

What is the featured ingredient in Baby Bee Bubble Bath?

Is it:  a) Lavender, b) Vanilla Extract or c) Almond oil?

Email your answer to tracy@greenmums.co.uk.  Please put the title ‘Baby Bee Competition’ in your email.  Closing date: 1st December 2010

Good Luck!

Time saving tips from a busy mum!

10 Sep
In ironing, a fabric is heated through the gla...

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I’m just grabbing 5 minutes to write this post whilst eating breakfast and having my coffee.  I’m never one to do just one thing at a time.  This got me thinking about all the ways that we as mummies  get things done when we are in a rush and how good we are at multi tasking.  I thought I would list some of the ways that I try to save time.

I love it when the kids are in the bath, it gives me at least 15 mintues to do something useful while they play.  Usually this involves tidying the bedrooms or cleaning the bathroom.

Whilst the kids eat their breakfast I make the lunches, wash the dishes or get dressed myself – usually a mixture of all these things!


I really hate ironing so one thing I do is to keep the ironing board set up (ok, you have to have the space for this, or make yourself not care about seeing it there!).  That way if I have just 5 minutes spare I’m already to go and iron just a couple of shirts to cut down at least some of my huge pile.  I also try to buy non-iron items anyway and only iron what is really necessary.


I get my grocery shopping delivered.  Ok, the initial shop can take more time than actually going to the supermarket but after that, once all your favourites are on your page you can select the items you usually buy.  Most Supermarkets offer free delivery over a certain amount so it doesn’t cost anymore.

When shopping I always buy for the week ahead.  That way I don’t have to keep popping to the shops when I run out of things.

We tend to cook in bulk, if we make something like a cottage pie we will make double the amount and freeze some.  This saves having to cook one night which is a real treat when all you want to do is sit down at the end of the day.

I buy lots of other stuff online too if I can.  To go into town can take up at least an hour of my time that I could spend doing something else.


I used to be more house proud before we had the children.  Now I find that I would like it to look cleaner but I just don’t have the time.  My solution is to at least try to keep it tidy even if it is full of dust!  If things are put away at the end of the day I can at least find Lily’s hairbrush when I need it in a rush – saving me a lot of time running around like a headless chicken.  The rest of the housework gets done in one big cleaning session every week, or two… or three..(!)

We don’t have a dishwasher so I usually pile all the dishes into the sink with some BOILING hot water and leave them to soak for 10 minutes (whilst doing something useful like getting the kids dressed).  By the time you come back to them they have pretty much self cleaned!

I’m sure I’ve missed loads.  Can you add some more time-saving tips?