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Cloth Nappies for night-time use

11 Jul

Tots Bots Bamboo STRETCH nappy

We are often asked for recommendations for night-time nappies.  It is true that whatever nappy you are using during the day it may not last a good 10 hours overnight. Some people can successfully boost pocket nappies with bamboo or hemp boosters and these work fine however if you want an absorbent, no leak nappy then a two-part nappy would definitely be your best option.

Our favourite night-time nappy is the Eccobots Bamboo Nappy.  It is made from gorgeous soft bamboo and has a double layered bamboo boosters which fits inside the nappy.  The inner of the nappy is fully lined with fleece which will keep your baby’s bottom nice and dry throughout the night.  These nappies are made in North Devon which is another bonus for us! Use with a waterproof wrap over the top. We would recommend the Motherease airflow as it’s design enables air to circulate around the nappy or, if you are looking for a good birth to potty wrap then a Blueberry Coverall.

Our other favourite night-time nappies are currently the Tots Bots Bamboozle Stretch and Little Lambs Bamboo nappies, again with the same wraps over the top. Don’t forget you can add boosters to all of these nappies if you need more absorbency. Always put bamboo boosters underneath microfibre boosters as the microfibre absorbs more quickly. Be careful not to over-stuff the nappy though. This can cause gaping at the legs which will cause wee to leak out.

Fleece liners are great for night-time as they will keep any moisture away from your baby’s bottom.

There is always a solution for night-time nappy problems. My advice would be to borrow a few night-time nappies from a friend or nappy advisor and see which works best for you.


New rainbow Easyfits from Tots Bots

21 Sep

The Easyfit from Tots Bots has always been one of our favourite nappies and has been available in some fantastic prints.

It goes on just like a disposable and has a lovely soft PUL outer meaning you have just one piece to go on (no need for an outer wrap)  This great nappy is now available in some gorgeous bright rainbow colours – go on, be bold and bright and get every colour of the rainbow (well, almost!) This is a birth to potty nappy so should fit your child for the whole of his/her nappy wearing days!  All you need is a flushable or fleece liner inside to catch the solids at that’s it!

To celebrate these new products, Tots Bots are giving away a free scratchcard with every purchase of these nappies.  You could win free nappies, a trip to Cadbury World and even £500!