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Update from Green Mummy

5 Nov

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. It’s all been a period of change for me and I’m still adjusting to exactly what it is I do now!

As of a few weeks ago, a lovely lady called Rosie took over my business for me and I am now officially a ‘stay at home mum’. OK, so I’ve been a SAHM since I had my daughter BUT now I do it without trying to run a business from my dining room at the same time.

I’m still adjusting to not having 101 things to do in one morning and I have to say I thought I would now have loads of time on my hands but I haven’t noticed any real difference yet.  I have, however got more quality time to spend with Thomas who is 3 and has spent most of his life having to fit in around my work, nappy demos and customers visiting our home.

I have missed this quality time.  We now have time to sit and read for ages, do puzzles, go for a walk in the woods, bake or just sit and play.  I’m going to make the most of this time while it lasts. Before too long at all he will be at school and everything will change again.

Green Mums Blog will still be here, at least for the near future. I hope you will still continue to follow my posts and enjoy reading about our adventures. It will be a slightly different blog now, there will be no more talk about cloth nappies I’m afraid… there will however, still be plenty of crafting, play, reviews and probably a fair bit of ranting!


Mummy’s feeling a little worn out right now….

21 Nov
Wine & Chocolate HDR

Image by beatbull via Flickr

After two weeks of various illnesses I am feeling a little worn out.  It started with my youngest having a tummy bug, which of course he shared with me and my husband bless him.  Just as we were getting over this my little one then came down with a nasty cold that led to a chest and ear infection.

The two weeks have left me feeling pretty washed out and as if I’ve got no energy left to give to anyone else.  Is this bad?  I hope I’m not the only  mother who feels like this sometimes?  I’m so exhausted right now that I’d like to either shut myself away with some wine and chocolates or better still head off to a health spa with no internet, phone and most importantly – no children!

Trying to work from home whilst nursing a poorly child (and taking the occasional bowl of soup to a sick husband) is no easy task I can tell you.  Of course the work gets put to the bottom of the ‘to do’ list and when I finally come back to it I am so far behind that I just don’t know where to start!

Hopefully this week will be a better one.  My little one is certainly much improved so I am keeping my fingers well and truly crossed.  Anyway, I feel a bit better now I have got this off my chest.  How does everyone else cope when they feel like this?