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A Playmobil Playground for Free!

2 Oct

What started off as a little tube slide (from a wrapping paper cardboard tube) soon developed into a full-blown fairy house and playground.  Before I knew it a couple of hours had gone by and nothing had been done since breakfast! Oh well, sometimes you’ve just got to go with the flow and forget about your to-do list.

We had loads of fun making this.  I used a sharp scalpel to cut out the windows and doors from the plastic cartons and acrylic paints to decorate.  I found PVA glue was the best to stick the sparkly flowers onto the bottles.

Rapunzel Tower and ladder using pipe cleaners

Perfect for playmobil people!

Enjoying a little swing on a sunny day…

No fairy house is complete without an enormous slide

I wrapped crepe paper over the top of the cartons and secured with string to create a roof for the houses. It also hides the opening of the cartons quite nicely.


The children both had lots of fun playing with this.  I have a feeling it is going to get lots of bits added to it as time goes on. Lily has already said she wants a see-saw and roundabout so I can see we are going to be busy working on this for some time.  They added a little tupperware pot to the bottom of the slide and filled it with water,  so it now resembles a water park!


Children’s Easter craft – Cotton Wool Lambs

28 Mar

Cotton Wool Lambs

How cute are these?  We love this little lamb family and had great fun making them. All you need is:

Empty Toilet Rolls

Cotton Wool balls or pads


Black Pen

PVA glue

They are so easy to make and a lovely little activity for young children.  Just stick your cotton wool all over the toilet roll and then secure it to some card feet.  I have to say ours is not secured very well but is lightly held in place with sellotape.  Design your own face and arms and stick these onto the toilet rolls with PVA glue.  Hey presto, you have a little lamb family.

We used these to act out the story to Little Baa This book has been a favourite of both our children. Such a lovely story of a little lamb that gets separated from its mother.  Don’t worry, it does have a happy ending!

These little lambs would look lovely filled with chocolate eggs on Easter Day!